Sell Your Home Today With J&D Real Estate Service

Don’t pay commissions or fees to a real estate agent when you sell your house. Sell it “as is” and leave the tenants to us. No realtors are necessary!

About J&D Real Estate Service

Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional service and expertise in all aspects of real estate. We are committed to building a long-lasting relationship with our clients based on trust, integrity, and transparency. We strive to exceed their expectations by delivering special solutions that meet their unique needs. Our goal is to be the Go-To in all things Real estate

Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to identify and acquire properties with strong potential for appreciation and rental income while providing exceptional service and support to our clients throughout the selling process. We are committed to conducting thorough due diligence and analysis to ensure that each property meets our rigorous investment criteria and to leveraging our expertise and industry relationships to negotiate the best possible

Why Sell Your Home To Us At J&D Real Estate Service?



We have years of experience and specialize in buying properties nationwide.



Our investors are local. We treat you professionally and with respect.



We can close your loan fast. Sometimes as fast as 3 days. Contact us today to get started.



Get cash now! Sell your house in 24 hours, no banks, realtors or inspections necessary.

Our Easy & Hassle-Free Process


Call us or fill out the form and we’ll be in touch within a few hours. Our staff will ask you a few questions to learn more about the value of your house, and discuss any concerns you may have.


You don’t need a realtor to sell your house. We will evaluate the house using advanced software and make a cash offer over the phone.


Once your contract is signed and returned, we’ll set you up with a closing date to sign the title company. When this is complete, you will receive your funds in bank check or money wire.

We Buy Houses



AS FAST AS POSSIBLE! We at J&D Real Estate Service never turn down a home that’s not in perfect condition. We buy all types of houses, ranging from distressed to retired, in order to help you close quickly and receive the most money possible for your house!


NO PRESSURE! At J&D Real Estate Service we don’t force anyone to take our offer. We give everyone a fair offer and it’s up to them whether or not they want to accept it! You can call us at anytime on our number below to find out more.

J&D Real Estate Service VS Others


J&D Real Estate Service Traditional
COMMISIONS $0 $2,500+
REPAIR COSTS $0 $5,000+
CLOSING COSTS $0 $1,000+
AVG. DAYS TO CLOSE 1 week! 1 month+
# OF SHOWINGS 0 Realtor Decides

Why Do Our Clients Love Us?

“J&D aided me by taking on the responsibility of my mortgage payments and offered compensation for any equity I possessed! I was thrilled they presented this option to me, it was a great solution and saved me from going into foreclosure on my property.”

Joel Mayorga

El Paso, TX

“My husband and I loved our house, but the surrounding areas became bad due to frequent break-ins. We wanted to move as soon as possible, and J&D Real Estate Service gave us a cash offer!”

Mike & Julie

Charlotte, NC

“J&D Real Estate Service was able to help me out by giving me an all-cash offer for the house! I had inherited a house in Salt Lake City, UT from my uncle, but it was too far away from my job and I couldn’t afford to move.”

Joshua & Samara

Salt Lake City, UT

We always buy houses at any price in any condition!


Do not pay unnecessary fees.

J&D Real Estate Service has helped hundreds of homeowners do just that. Many agents insist on charging you a percentage of the sale price. With our flat rate fee and all inclusive services, you only pay when your house is sold and closed.


No need to pay for repairs or remodeling .

When you choose to work with J&D Real Estate Service, there’s no need to remodel or repair your house. We’ll handle repairs, disposals, and cleaning! Just tell us when you want to move out, pay your rent and we’re all set!


Getting behind on your mortgage payment?

J&D can take over the existing mortgage payments on a property instead of you obtaining a new loan. J&D assumes responsibility for making the payments directly to the lender while your name remains on the mortgage. This arrangement can be beneficial for you the seller by avoiding foreclosure or selling at a loss.